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Our Story

For us, whole ingredients equals big flavours.

Our products contain only ingredients you can pronounce because you deserve to know what you’re eating. It’s not just plant-based, it’s just plants.

Our Driving Forces

The Era of Veg

Real fresh veggies never went out of style. We are committed to only using fresh vegetables in our products to ensure optimal nutrition, fresh taste and total satisfaction.

Never Cut Corners

We’ll never take shortcuts that compromise flavour or quality. Ever. This means peeling our own onions and hand grinding our spices. For us, it’s these small details that make the world of difference.

For The Earth

Eating plant-based is the path to a greener, more sustainable future. We are proud to offer satisfying, delicious options that come in fully recyclable packaging. High-five, Mother Earth!

Local Love

Nothing makes us more proud than knowing our food was grown on our own soil here in Canada. Which is exactly why we source our ingredients as local as possible. All of our beans are grown in Canada! In the fall and summer, we purchase almost all of our produce right here in Quebec!

Hey! I’m Chantal, Founder and CEO of VG Gourmet. Thank you so much for being here!

Myself and my incredible husband, Emmanuel, created VG Gourmet with hopes to make plant-based eating easier and more flavourful. Sit back, relax, and let me share the story of how we got here today.

My passion for a plant-based lifestyle began when I was 12 years old living in my home of Montreal, Quebec. My mom would always take me to a nearby farm to get fresh ingredients for our summer cooking, and it was here that I found myself connecting with the animals on the farm. Making friends with the chickens, only to realize we would be eating them for dinner was devastating. From that summer on, I was committed to eating plant-based no matter what it took.

Fast forward, and my desire for creating and developing plant-based meat alternatives transformed from a necessity to a passion. I even competed in a Food Network competition where I came runner-up to winning a chance to have my product featured on shelves nation-wide.

From that day on, it became my goal and obsession to see a product I created on shelves! It was just a matter of creating the right product…

One evening while we were digging into one of my legendary burgers at home, my husband, Emmanuel, exclaimed “This is it! You have to sell these burgers!”. It turns out, the idea for VG Gourmet was right under our noses the entire time!

Following that night, we worked endlessly to bring VG Gourmet to life! We quickly realized there was a desperate need for real, plant-based, nutrient-dense foods that tasted gourmet and made life a little easier. People needed a product like ours, so there was no better timing!

Today, we have successfully launched 10+ products nationwide, and have moved into a brand new facility to accommodate our fast-growing team.

We believe in the power of delicious, nutritious food that makes your soul sing and taste buds explode with every bite, and we could not be more proud to share our creations with you.

Join us at our table!

If you got it, flaunt it, RIGHT?

Retailing In +1,500 StoreS

We have partnered up with some of the finest retailers and restaurants in the country to bring VG Gourmet to YOU. Ain’t no better feeling than knowing millions of Canadians across the country are enjoying our products.

Sustainable Packaging

A day doesn’t pass where we aren't innovating our sustainability practices. We love that our boxes are made from recycled cardboard, and 100% of our packaging is recyclable. We hope you love it, too!

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