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Frequently asked questions

All of our products are made with love in Montreal, Canada.
We make it easy to eat Gourmet Plant-Based  food at home for you and your family!

Got any questions? Check out the FAQ below, if your question is not answered, please contact us.

A Plant-based burger is a burger made solely from plants. That means no animal ingredients are ever used in any way! 

Yes! All of our products are certified vegan! Our entire facility is vegan as well!

Yes! Every one of our products are fully gluten free, and we have absolutely no gluten in our entire

Absolutely not! We recommend always using our burgers directly from the freezer, and putting them
straight into your frying pan, bbq or oven just to heat up! They hold their shape best, and have the
absolute perfect texture this way!

Yes, we do! We actually have 3 products that are fully soy free! 2 burgers (Sweet Potato & Black Bean
as well as Eggplant Tahini). As well, our Taco & Chili Crumble is also fully soy free!

We believe in real food just like you! Our burgers are made of lots of beans, legumes and fresh

We absolutely do!! We buy loads of fresh veggies daily! Wash em, chop em and add em to our

We have found that when children taste our products the 2 that stand out the most for them
are always: Beetballs and Sweet Potato Burgers. Give them a try with your little ones!

We love eating our burgers on top of a large salad for lunch! It’s the perfect addition! They are
also great in wraps, or on a plate of roasted veggies!

Just ask your local health food store to bring them in for you! You can give them a copy of our sell sheet for Bites and Burgers.

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