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VG Gourmet was started by a husband and wife team, Emmanuel Castiel and Chantal Bekhor, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada!

Emmanuel and Chantal’s skills really complement one another for a perfect business partnership. Chantal is the talent behind all of VG Gourmet’s products. Chantal is the reason our products are so incredibly delicious and gourmet! She created all of the recipes, worked on test batch after test batch until they were just right!

As a Foodie, Chantal never compromises on taste and quality. When cooking, whether for her family or for a big dinner party, the food must be delicious, creative and really satisfying. That’s where the “Gourmet” comes in. Chantal always says, it’s important never to feel that you have settled by eating vegan food. Vegan food can and should be as gourmet just as any other. When she develops the recipes for our products, she uses high quality ingredients, fresh herbs, a variety of exotic spices and creative ways of bringing all of them together in winning recipes!

Emmanuel is the real drive behind the business. With a background in sales and marketing, Emmanuel has developed great relationships with so many retailers and distributors to get our products on hundreds of store shelves across Canada!

As a Foodie, I never compromise on taste and quality.

How VG Gourmet was conceptualized

The idea began one day in the spring of 2014, while Chantal was an elementary school teacher, and Emmanuel was sales director for a major international health and beauty company. During dinner, Emmanuel bit into one of Chantal’s Quinoa and Chickpea veggie burgers that she made regularly at home, and he said, “I think you’ve got something here! These veggie burgers are absolutely incredible, we need to market them!”

And so it began! At that point we started looking for a co-packer to produce our vegan burgers. We started making test batches until the recipe was just right. By the fall of 2015, we launched our line of 3 vegan burgers. To our delightful surprise, the demand for our vegan burgers exploded! People love the great quality and homemade taste of our products and even regularly send us emails thanking us for making their lives easier with healthy options that taste great!

One year later, we decided to start our own commercial kitchen to produce these products and start creating more varieties! That is when our tofu creations were born! Now, we have 10 employees working full time to help us create our 7 products, with more to come! We are so happy and thankful that people are continuing to enjoy our products and support our growing business!

We really put our hearts and souls into each one of our products and make sure that they are amazing for you. All the ingredients are chopped fresh to create a high quality, gourmet, homemade meal that you can buy and feel proud to serve to your family! We hope you love them as much as we do!

By the fall of 2015, we launched our line of 3 vegan burgers.

A bit more from our Chef de cuisine Chantal Bekhor

I've been cooking and baking since I was 12 years old and my early love for cooking came from my mother.

I’ve been cooking and baking since I was 12 years old and my early love for cooking came from my mother. My mother is a wonderful cook and hostess, even though she has a very demanding job as a physician. Eating a proper meal with the family was always important to her, who had to come up with healthy dinners on weeknights after getting home from work. Her task became even more difficult when I decided to become a vegetarian at the age of 12; from that point on, she was practically planning 2 meals for the family. That’s when I stepped in.

As a twelve year old, I would try to come up with a meal the whole family would eat that did not include meat. It was difficult at the time. My repertoire was limited to a vegetable stir fry or pasta with tomato sauce! My older brother and sister were pretty tough critics, which pushed me to try to expand my cooking knowledge. Slowly I started experimenting with different types of meat replacements such as beans and legumes and tofu. It came naturally to me. I could imagine what I wanted a dish to taste like and boom…there it was! Over the years, I have developed so many thousands of ingredient combinations for making a fulfilling and delicious vegan meal.

It’s also at home that I learned to entertain. When I was growing up, I remember so well the parties and gathering my mother used to host. She bought the freshest ingredients and made delicious and creative dishes. Everyone was always so impressed with how the house was so well decorated and how the table was so elegant. She even made beautiful centerpieces combining flowers, herbs and vegetables. My parents loved to entertain and have the house full of people (and still do!). Whether it was a special occasion or our family Friday-night dinners, every gathering was always important. I loved to help my mother prepare for these gatherings. When I was very young, I would do things like wrap the cutlery in napkins and as I grew up I would make a lot of the dishes on the menu. It was just so much fun!

Please check out my recipes and videos on this website. I would love to hear from you anytime!

Chantal Bekhor
The Vegetarian Gourmet

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