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We’re not meat. We’re not even trying to be.
Our Vegan, Gluten Free and Kosher products contain only ingredients you can pronounce, because you deserve to know what you’re eating. It’s not just plant-based, it’s just plants.

Plant Based Burgers

These ain’t your average veggie burgers. They’re better. 

Our incredible range of veggie burgers are exactly that, all veggies.  We use the freshest of fresh produce, hearty beans and legumes, and whole spices that we hand-grind on-site. These are veggies, turned gourmet!


Plant Based Bites

We call it love at first bite. 

Sink your teeth into our hearty buffalo bites (Buffalo caesar, anyone?), toss your noodles into our perfectly saucy teriyaki bites or top your salad and pitas with our spice-tastic mini-kebabs.  The options (and flavours) are endless! 


A quick trip to Greece? Northern Asia? Pack your (lunch) bags! 

Our delicious marinated tofu creations will have you transported all around the world with their powerful aromatics and bright, fresh flavours. Made with fresh herbs and spices, just reheat and add to any meal for an instant boost of protein and flavour. 

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Beet your hunger with our infamous Beet Balls! 

Taking the self-proclaimed title as the world’s most delicious meal add-on, toss these in your veggie bowls or serve them up as an appetizer that will please the entire crowd. They’ll take any dish (or night) to the next level!

Taco & Chili Crumble

Did someone say family taco night?

Our Taco and Chili Crumble is made from a delicious medley of roasted fresh veggies & lentils, with all of the flavor and none of the work. It comes ready to eat, just reheat and add to salads, bowls, or tacos shells!

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